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My Top 10 Photography and Video Gear Under $25

Being a brand photographer for other creative businesses I love capturing images of them using their tools of the trade. Every industry has them, they are unique and serve many purposes. That is why I wanted to share my top 10 photography and video gear under twenty five dollars. These are my go-to items and many have been in my gear bag or studio since the beginning, over ten years! Wow, time flies in this creative world I live in. Many of the products listed help with being organized and efficient creatives. As a photographer and/or videographer we are constantly problem solving and need to quickly grab gear from our bags, these items will allow you to easily find what you need and you can spend your time working with your client instead of rummaging through you gear bag.

Bongo Cords & Adjustable Cords

Cord Management bongo cords photography and video gear

Cord management is part of our lives, wether we want to admit it or not. We accumulate so many pieces of gear and they always come with a few cords. Instead of being frustrated, secure them with cords. Some of my favorite features include the rubberized material of the bongo cords that give good grip and the adjustability of the red cord that provides flexibility.

Battery Case

battery case photography and video gear

Batteries are a major part of a photographer or videographers life. Before we even pack our gear for a shoot we are always charging some sort of battery. I have used these cases for over 10 years. Some features I love are, the bright color makes it easy to find in your gear bag and that they hold both AA and AAA batteries. At least one of these battery cases are in my kit at all times.

Tether Cord

tether cord photography gear

You find professional photographers in various fields using tether cords to have their images instantly pop up onto their laptop computer. Many do this to fine tune the image during the shoot and enhance the art directors or clients experience while on-location. Product and Food Photographers along with Interior and Architecture Photographers can be found utilizing this piece of equipment.

Bungee Cords

bungee cords photography and video gear

Bungee cords have many uses and I love a multi-use product for my creative business. I secure my equipment on a multi-cart to ensure my equipment is safe during travel. I have organized background boards during travel and have also organized items in my studio. This 30 piece set has various size bungee cords for various needs.

Eneloop Batteries

eneloop batteries photography and video gear

When I first started in photography, over 10 years ago, I purchased Eneloop rechargeable batteries. These are still my battery of choice today.

Pelican 1050 Case

pelican 1050 case review photography and video gear

The Pelican 1050 Cases have been part of my gear kit for many years. Features that I love are the hard case to protect the expensive equipment inside, the clear top to quickly identify the gear I need and the multi color options, so if I travel with more than one I know which gear I need based on the color. It’s a great investment and will be on my top 10 photography and video gear list for the next 10 years.

Memory Card Case

memory card case review photography and video gear

Photographers and Videographers typically travel with many memory cards in multi formats. I have been using this hard memory card case since the start of my career, over 10 years ago. It keeps my memory cards safe and secure, while also providing a convenient compact way to travel with multiple cards.

Miscellaneous Bag

thinktank misc bag photography and video gear

Sometimes there are items that don’t need the protection of a hard case, but are still needed, just in case, during a shoot. That’s when a small miscellaneous bag comes in. I have had this ThinkTank bag for over 10 years and I love that the clear shell allows me to quickly see what gear is inside. I keep my cleaning kit, battery case, memory card case and business cards handy at all times.

Clear Shoeboxes

clear shoebox

If you love to keep your studio organized, then you will love utilizing clear shoeboxes. I used these throughout my house, I love them that much. They are clear, so you can easily find what you are looking for. These boxes are not deep, so they don’t turn into a junk drawer and you can stack them to maximize the storage capacity of a shelf or bookcase. Organize them by different categories and you will be more efficient when packing your gear bag for your next shoot.

Joby GripTight

Joby GripTight review photography and video gear

This is not the first phone accessories I have tried, but it’s my go-to accessory now. With content content creation I love that this Joby GripTight accessory allows me to change the orientation from vertical to horizontal without removing it from a tripod. This is a big timesaver when you are creating videos. I use this on a weekly basis while in my studio or on-location capturing behind the scenes. Note: The Joby GripTight Pro is on sale at $27 but I had to share this great piece of helpful equipment. There is a Pro2 available, but that is out of the price range of this post.

Check out my video showing you my top 10 photography and video gear under $25

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