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I’ve wanted to travel, via airplane, with my son for some time, but there was always something that made me hesitate and not book the tickets: his age, temperament, fear, other parents horror stories, the list could go on.  Growing up my family always took a yearly vacation and I’m glad my parents made the […]

First Flight: Traveling with a Toddler Across the Country

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Another year and another major snowstorm.  Growing up in New England I’ve seen my share of snow and when a winter storm hits I can’t help but think about my 2009 experience in Washington D.C.  Being a photographer and living in an area that does not experience large amounts of snow, I set out to […]

Winter Wonderland

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I suspect that many of my future posts are going to be sports related now that the 2012 CrossFit game season has started.  For this reason, today’s post is all about my personal work, which I have recently added to my website.  The series of images found in this portfolio are all black and […]

It’s all in the details

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