Spring Fever

>Washington D.C. has had a winter season of record snowfall and this weekend was no exception.  Though it doesn’t compare to our Boston counterparts, it’s been record breaking nonetheless.  After the blizzard back in December closed D.C. down for two days, and now with this latest batch of snow, I am ready for spring.  One of the many great things about D.C. is that most of the museums and national monuments have free admission.  I decided to take advantage of this great perk and satisfy my need for the spring season by visiting the United States Botanic Garden.

After traveling by metro and walking through the snow along the National Mall, I finally arrived.  Before I set up my first shot, the smell of the flowers and the humidity in the air transported me to the spring weather I’ve been craving.

The Garden Court and Conservatory offered many varieties of flowers to photograph.  A macro lens is ideal for this type of shooting, however, I used my 28-135 Canon lens.  By the end of my visit I captured over 400 images,  I was happy with many of them and a picked a few to share.  For those who live in the area, I highly recommend visiting.  Starting February 6th, a special Orchid exhibition will be on display.




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