It’s all in the details

I suspect that many of my future posts are going to be sports related now that the 2012 CrossFit game season has started.  For this reason, today’s post is all about my personal work, which I have recently added to my website.  The series of images found in this portfolio are all black and white and were taken during the past 18 months.  When I travel or explore my local surroundings, my goal is to capture hundreds of images with the hopes of a few keepers.  It’s inevitable that some of the keepers are turned into a black and white photograph.  For me, black and white photography is all about the texture and details of the subject.  I have always loved this type of photography, which is why I try to incorporate similar techniques into my sports/athletes images.

To see the images individually and larger please visit my website (Portfolio/ Personal Work)  Thanks!


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