ISR and CrossFit Kids Initiative: Saving Infants and Children

A month ago I had the opportunity to travel to Tampa, FL to profile Dr. Harvey Barnett, founder of Infant Swimming Resource.  Dr. Barnett founded ISR in 1966 after witnessing the aftermath of a neighbor’s 9-month old son who drowned.  After this incident, he decided to dedicate his life to prevent childhood drownings.  Dr. Barnett developed life saving water survival skills, including a technique called the swim-float-swim sequence which can be learned by children as young as six months.  It was remarkable to watch Harvey and the children in-action and I will never view “swim class” the same again.

Over the course of two days, a videographer and I shot video footage and stills to capture key drowning hazards and ISR training at various residential pools and the YMCA.  The children that we documented were at various stages of their 4-6 week training and many accomplished the swim-float-swim sequence for the first time.  Here is the first of many videos to be posted by Crossfit in support of this program.  I highly recommend watching, especially if you have young children.


A few images from the weekend have been released by CrossFit, but I’m sure many will be posted in the future.  I really wanted to create powerful images that demonstrated the importance of this deadly problem.

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