A Blizzard at the Beach: Photo Story

On February 8-9, 2013 the Northeast was hit with the fifth largest storm on record, named Nemo.  Many towns saw record snowfall from two to three feet.  During the storm I happened to be in Chatham, MA on Cape Cod.  This area witnessed high winds and 10+ inches of snow.  The day after the storm it was a winter wonderland and it was great to see the sun again.  Luckily I had my camera gear and headed to the beach to document life after Nemo.  It was a strange feeling to be walking on sand in full winter ski gear, but the contrast of summer and winter was fun to photograph.  Here are some of my favoriate images.


©NicoleBedardPhotography_Blizzard13_Chatham-2 ©NicoleBedardPhotography_Blizzard13_Chatham-1 

                    ©NicoleBedardPhotography_Blizzard13_Chatham-1-3 ©NicoleBedardPhotography_Blizzard13_Chatham-11

©NicoleBedardPhotography_Blizzard13_Chatham-3                    ©NicoleBedardPhotography_Blizzard13_Chatham-8 ©NicoleBedardPhotography_Blizzard13_Chatham-10


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