iPhone Photography: Boston Day Trip to Children’s Museum

This week my son and I traveled to the Boston Children’s Museum.  Every time I visit a park, museum and/or playground I notice the majority of parents are capturing images of their children using smartphones.  So I decided to only capture photos of our adventures with my iPhone, but I wanted to still make creative images to tell the story of our trip.  When shooting indoors, light can be a factor and the Children’s Museum contained some low light play spaces, so the iPhone didn’t perform as strong as an SLR, but with some editing the images worked.  Of course any day trip has to also include architecture and food (i.e. Espresso).  One can still capture creative images of their children with a smartphone, but knowing the cameras limits will only improve the outcome.

I used the standard iPhone camera and/or the Manual App, for example, to slow the shutter down for the water pouring image.  Once I returned home I used Lightroom to edit images.  Most of the photos just needed to have the contrast and shadow increased.  Of course these edits could also be done with apps, such as Snapseed.

Children Museums
CoffeeDetails_ Boston-2

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