New Work To Share From Make & Taste

I know it’s been awhile since I last posted on my blog, but if you have been following Make&Taste you would know why.   Since the launch of Make & Taste I have published over 126 posts and by the end of this year that will grow to 141 thanks to the help of some guest contributors. (Thank You!!)  The organic growth of the site has been in large part due to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, so thank you for supporting the blog.  The blog has welcomed over 8,600 views from over 19 countries and is growing by the day.  I have completed more than 115 photo shoots either at my home or at the home of my local contributors, so you can imagine the amount of food and lifestyle photography I have compiled.  This is why I decided to dedicate a space on my Nicole Bedard Photography website to showcase my current work with Make & Taste.  I have curated the top 20 images for both Lifestyle and Food photography to share with you.  I will be updating the portfolio of work as I go, but was excited to share all the great work happening on a weekly basis.   Enjoy, feedback welcomed!

Have a Happy New Year!  Exciting things to come in 2017


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