Kids Sports Photography

Capturing The Experience: Kids Sports Photography

I started my photography career over 9 years ago after walking past a digital photography school for a year in Georgetown, D.C.  While at school I enjoyed taking studio lighting classes, on-location portraits, wedding photography and a lot of computer classes. After graduation I started my photography career in the sports and fitness industry. I traveled for two main clients, the largest being Reebok. For years I captured fast action-packed sporting events, lifestyle fitness photography and portraits. (view portfolio here) It was no surprise that once I had my son I ventured into family lifestyle photography and captured the action of babies, toddlers and children during family photo sessions. Those who have kids understand that kids are always on the move.

This spring my son started exploring different sports. It wasn’t until I stepped back onto a sports field that I felt a full circle moment, action sports photography was back in my life. This time around there was a big difference than in previous sports coverage. I was not out to capture the critical winning point, pain of defeat or strain of moving a big weight. My goal was to capture the experience of a child taking on a sport that was new to them. The thrill of kicking a ball correctly, friendships being made, the smile of pure joy running to a base and/or climbing to a new height on a rock wall. I’m excited to capture all these new discoveries and document the experience of sports from where it all begins. Below is the start of capturing this type of sports photography. Stay tuned for more adventures. If you have a sports photography project that needs a professional touch, please email me at

Kids Sports Photography

Kids Sports Photography
kids sports photography kids sports photography


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