How To Use Personal Brand Images To Connect With Your Audience

Personal Brand Photography Sessions are on the rise and it’s due to the vast amount of visual content people consume online and the challenge that businesses face having new and consistent images to keep their audiences engaged. Personal Brand Sessions solve two major problems for business both big and small. First, they save the business owner time. By designing a brand specific photoshoot that captures a bulk amount of images, the owner can access the images when needed and focus on their actual business instead of hunting around for iPhone images. Second, they provide both a consistent and professional look to the brand. There is a time and place for an iPhone image, but high quality professional images  are necessary for promoting your brand and projecting a professional look.

The first quarter of 2019 is well on its way and many businesses are already thinking about Spring and Summer products, promotions, expansion, staff hiring, product development, the list could go on. Maintaining a brands online presence is vital and keeping an audience in the loop produces stronger connections and builds a stronger brand.

But First, What Is Personal Brand Photography?

Before social media became as big as it is today, I was working with brands, but focused on their products or services. The difference 8-9 years later is that a consumer wants to know more about Who Is Behind The Brand. This brings in a personal side, however deep the brand wants to go.  Some examples could be the owner is a huge dog lover, participates in a specific sport and/or family photos.  All of these examples are used to connect with an audience on a deeper level. Other “behind the brand” images could consist of behind the scenes and in-action shots. Of course there is the classic portrait, both environmental and traditional headshots. These images are always great for press bios and introduction Fridays. I love learning about a brand and bringing their story to life through photos and a Personal Brand Photography Session allows me to capture all these layers of a brand. (visit my website to see my Personal Brand Photography Section, click on the image below)

Personal Brand Photography by Nicole Bedard Photography

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Lets Put These Images To Work!

So how are brands utilizing these images.  I love scrolling through Instagram and seeing brands post images that are not just their product shots on a white backdrop. Business are getting creative in how they highlight themselves and products/services. All of these posts are from the past few weeks and provide some great inspiration.

These images are a collection of the 3 key images types I believe make a strong Personal Brand Session

  • Environmental Portraits
  • In-action Lifestyle images
  • Close-up details.

This types of images have been used to:

  • Promote a product, service and/or new location
  • Announce something new
  • Behind the scenes to build anticipation
  • Highlight themselves in the press

Personal Brand Photography

Personal Brand Photography Blog Post

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