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It’s no surprise that children love to be creative. Any chance they can use their crayons, play with play-dough or legos to build or bake in the kitchen with mom or dad, they are first in line even from the earliest of ages. Even today, as I write this, my seven year old son’s remote learning group took a poll to rank their favorite class special. The list contained Art, Music, Media and Gym. Guess what class won? Art! Being creative provides a great sense of expression where kids can showcase their own unique point of view. There is no right or wrong, no time limit, no restrictions, just a blank page. As adults we tend to decrease the amount of creative projects. I know I took a more traditional path for college and graduate school at the University of Delaware, but my creative side never stopped and eventually it lead me to the Rhode Island School of Design and then years later to photography school at Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts.

Being a professional photographer for the past 10+ years and a mom to a seven year old I am commonly asked by other parents about their young budding photographers. My own child showed interest in photography around the age of 3 and I passed down one of my point and shoot cameras to him so he could start practicing the craft during our photo walks. I never leave the house without his camera in my bag because you never know when a photo opportunity might arise. I show him techniques that I use as a photographer every chance I can and over the years it’s been great to see how he’s thinking about a composition and moving to the best light.

All of these experiences and questions from other parents were the inspiration for The Photography 101 for Little Creatives Workshop. This self-paced workshop was designed for 6+ year olds with any camera they have access to. Students have my support throughout the workshop through a discussion board, email and a members only Facebook group that parents can join. With over an hour of learning content, I teach photography principles and techniques through on-location and in-studio video tutorial, all of which have supportive pdf documents to reinforce their photography practice.

The goal of this workshop is to spark creativity, build confidence with the camera and instantly improve their photography. Photography is more than just taking a picture. Children will learn at a young age that they are making a photograph by working with the provided light and moving around the subject to make a more creative image. If you have a budding photographer in your life and you are looking to support their creative curiosity, love for photography or learn a new creative skill, check out the link below to find out more details.

Questions? I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Add a comment or email me at

More Resources

If you are looking for more resources and not ready for a full workshop I have created an Instagram account and Facebook group to provide support. Follow along here: OurLittleCreativesIGAccount, OurLittleCreativesFBGroup. See you there!

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