The Making of A Personal Brand Video

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As a personal brand photographer I capture still images to tell a brand’s story. I love collaborating with brands to discover what key elements we need to capture so they can promote on social media platforms, websites and print marketing. Back in February of 2020 I started diving deep into video. I had been making videos at a beginner level for myself for years, but it was finally time to up my skills. My goal was to amp up my videos for my branding and by the end of the year I started making branding videos for clients. A client I had worked with in the past reached out after seeing a few of my own personal video work and want to have a “day in the life” video made to promote her business. Thus the Making of a Personal Brand Video began.

Scope of Work

We had decided to shoot at two locations. First at the design office with her team and then on location during an install day. We luckily had a quiet moment during the install day to record her voice over script, which I conveniently printed out so we could be efficient with our time. The entire video was snippets or b-roll of what goes on during a typical day in the life of an interior designer.

Behind the Scenes of a Personal Brand Video Shoots

Small Video Gear Kit

Considering I was capture all b-roll footage for the video my gear bag was pretty streamlined. I was using the Canon 5D Mark IV with the 35 mm lens attached to a DJI Ronin S Gimbal as my primary rig. I could move freely around the rooms I was filming in and captured some great content. Below is the list of gear used.

Telling a brand’s story in this format was a creative and enjoyable challenge. I look forward to making more and expanding my expertise in this creative area. Since I had a history of working with the client several times I understood her world and how she worked. This relationship help tremendously in filming this video. Having a connection with your client is key. Below is a quick video walkthrough highlighting my gear, how it was packed and then at 5:08 you will see the final brand video.

Small Video Gear Kit

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Small Video Gear Kit:

Canon 5D Mark IV body:
Canon 35mm f 1.4L II  (latest model)
DJI Ronin S Essential Kit:
Think Tank Misc Bag Organizer:
Shure MV88+ Video Kit (use for voice over work and video work. Tripod is great for iPhone use as well)

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