3 Brand Images You Should Capture This July 4th

As a brand photographer and strategist I’m always thinking of imagery that my clients can capture in-between scheduled photo sessions. There is so much content to be captured especially for creative entrepreneurs. They are always creating, sources, packaging, designing, you name it. Your audience doesn’t want to always see your latest offering, they want to know more about YOU! In today’s marketplace they want to know who they are buying from just as much as the product itself. By pulling back the curtain your audience will see more of who you are and how you work.

With Summer quickly approaching and with Fourth of July on the horizon I wanted to highlight 3 brand images that you should capture over the July 4th weekend. These brand images will be exactly what you need to start engaging with your audience and having them know you a little more. Ok, let’s dive in.

#1 How You Recharge/Relax

When you run a business there is always a point in the day, week, month and even quarter that you just need a moment or full on vacation to recharge and relax from business stresses. It’s also helpful to spark new inspiration and clarity in your business.

How To Use These Images: When posting an image of where you like to relax or a relaxing activity give on context to where you are and any story behind the location or activity. Maybe you travel to the location every year since you were a child. You wanted to try something new and challenge yourself with an activity that has nothing to do with your business. Once you explain where you are and why you can tie it back to your business (for example, you like to learn new things in your business so you wanted to challenge yourself with paddle boarding while on a mini vacation to Cape Cod) and ask your audience where they like to recharge/relax or an activity they like to participate in.

#2 Your Why

You hear a lot about “knowing your why” and it’s simply what drives you in your business. Your why can also evolve over time and change, so don’t feel like it has to be the same thing. It could be your family, partner, pets, friends, children and more.

How To Use These Images: Your why images can represent what gets you up everyday and moves you forward in your business. This is a very personal topic and you can show as much or as little of people or things you wish. It could be a picture of a key to a house, which represents the drive to buy a house and why you are so focused on building your business, even though your family is behind this drive as well.

#3 Simple Joys

Images of simple joys you love while you are vacationing or enjoying a simple backyard cookout or BBQ are great images to connect with your audience. You can really have fun in this category of images.

Favorite foods spanning from breakfast to dinner and don’t forget dessert and beverages.

Destination backdrops from pools, beaches, mountains and cities.

Activities such as spa treatments, water sports, hiking, making s’mores you name it!

How To Use These Images: Not only are you showing a part of your personality but you can ask your audience to add to the conversation. Which one would they vote for?

Beyond The Brand Image

The great part of social media now in 2021 is that you are not limited to just a photo. You could take all three categories mentioned above and turn it into a Reel of your day trip to a favorite city or beach trip. Create a story of the making of a favorite sweet treat being made at a local candy shop. A carousel post of images and video to capture your full trip. So much creative opportunity to change it up from your usual posts.

Have a joyful and safe Summer Holiday season!

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