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Behind The Scenes Of A Brand Photo Shoot

On a rainy day in September I happily traveled to Glastonbury CT for a Fall brand photo shoot with Barn Door Blooms. Jenni, the owner, and I have been collaborating on brand photography for almost two years and the very rainy day wasn’t going to stop us. (The Making Of A Magazine Photo Shoot) This session was different than previous ones because we were focused on her wedding side of her business. I love her barn space. It’s her creative space and 100% her brand aesthetic. All of her images are authentic to her and her brand because of this amazing and inspirational space. I wanted to capture some behind the scenes of the brand photo shoot to highlight the process Jenni and I walk through on photo shoot day. There is always hours of planning prior to photo shoot day and there is intent behind every shot, which is a big difference between a general portrait session.

Planning Phase of the Brand Photo Shoot

Concept Boards Created_BDB_brand_photoshoot

A few months prior to the Barn Door Bloom brand photo shoot, I drove over to her barn studio to discuss needs, ideas and location backdrops. As a result of that meeting I designed digital concept boards as seen here to ensure we were both on the same visual branding page. It also sparked inspiration for extra props needed for the photo shoot.

Brand Photo Shoot Goals

This was our 8th brand photo shoot together over the past 1.5 years. This specific shoot was concentrated more on products, specifically vases and containers, that she can offer to her bridal clients.

  • The first goal was to capture a horizontal shot of her vase and container offerings for her to use on her website, print marketing and wedding information for brides during consultations.
  • The second goal was to capture details images of her making a bridal bouquet along with process images. I captured these as close up details and overhead image of her in her creative space. Jenni will be able to use these on her website, social media and wedding marketing materials.
  • The third and last goal was to capture the unique materials she will be using during an upcoming Fall workshop. This consisted of dried flowers and grapevine wreathes. These image will be used as promotional ads for all her social media.

Challenges On Photo Shoot Day

rainy brand photo shoot day

Just like our shoot in February of 2021, we had Mother Nature bring on some interesting weather. At least it was not three feet of snow like last time. The shoot was going to be inside Jenni’s barn studio so we knew we could proceed and not let the rain stop us. We did however get creative on how we were going to transport the flowers from the garage over to the barn. Jenni practically backed up her car into the barn free of any rain drops so we could fill the barn with the needed vases, containers and blooms for the shoot. Oh and within 30 minutes the rain stopped. Ha! A big bonus to this rainy weather was that the clouds acted like a big soft box to the sun, so we did not have harsh light coming through the main window and door, like we have had in past shoots. The images created were all done with natural light.

The Results From The Shoot

barn door blooms_flower branding images-1-4
One of many image options to use.
barn door blooms_flower branding images-2-4
Mix of soft flowers and Barn Door Bloom vases. This image will be great for have her logo or overlay of text in the upper left hand corner.
barn door blooms_flower branding images-3-3
Flowers image that can used as a banner on her website and print marketing
barn door blooms_flower branding images-4-3
Close up image with great space on the left for text and/or her logo
barn door blooms_flower branding images-7
Overhead action image to show Jenni of Barn Door Blooms creating a bridal bouquet
brand photo shoot_portrait
Environmental Portrait of Jenni in her authentic space surrounded by blooms. On brand!
barn door blooms_flower branding images-11
Details of the time and detail she takes to create a bridal bouquet
bridal bouquet_brand photo shoot_barndoorblooms
Finished product of her bridal bouquet. Great for social media and print marketing.
barn door blooms_flower branding images-13
Third goal was focused on the dried flowers and grape vine wreath for an upcoming workshop. Will be use for promotional pieces.

I hope you have enjoyed this behind the scenes look at a brand photo shoot. If you have any questions please comment below or send me an email at

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