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3 Ways To Create Better Content For Your Small Business

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Are you ready to create better content in 2022? Great, your audience will love seeing you show up consistently and watch you elevate your brand. But what are some simple ways to do this? You might have great messaging, but maybe it’s time to enhance the overall production of your content. The demand for continuous content is not going away and even if you have professional sessions booked throughout the year, there are still times when you have to produce content. You are in luck! I have put together 3 ways to create better content for your small business.

Create Your Own Design Graphics

canva homepage

Have you been wanting to add text overlays to your brand images for social media promotions or announcement? Or create a flyer for your next vendor show or even print marketing materials? You may have heard of this software program already, but I can’t rave enough about it. has transformed my graphics in my small business and to date I have created over 3,000 designs! There is a free option or paid pro option. If you have never used it before, start with the free version to see for yourself how impactful it will be for your business. I love all the fonts, design and format templates, animations, customization for your brand and so much more. I even create Instagram Reels, invoices and PDF documents for clients and lead magnets.

Mobile Photo/Video Production

Examples of small tabletop tripod options

If you create photos and videos with your phone on a continuous basis you know the struggle to find the right angles and the best lighting to produce the most dynamic content. I always recommend a tripod with natural light.

Of course if you are recording or capturing images later at night or in a dark space then lighting is a great add-on, like a ring light.

A tripod will allow you to set up a better image or angle for a video. Set up tips:
1)You can step away from being so close to the camera and provide a wider view of your surroundings.
2)Use a timer app like, camera+ app, to set up the shot in 5, 15 or 30 second increments.
3)Take as many images in different angles/poses as you can, you just need one so don’t overthink it.

Here are some products to checkout:
Table top tripods and phone accessory: Joby Gorilla Pod GripTight and Stand Pro
Phone accessory only: Joby GripTight Mount
Small tripod only: Joby GorillaPod
Table top tripod with phone accessory and audio mic: Shure MV88+ Video Kit
Tripod with phone accessory and ring light: Neewer 20″ Ring light Kit

“Can you hear me?” Audio Production

rode wireless mic

This goes hand and hand with video production. I think we have all at some point created a video where our audio wasn’t that great or you received a comment that they couldn’t hear you well. Great audio can now be obtained by anyone with major advancements in technology. If you are going Live on social media or creating videos for YouTube, enhancing your audio is something I recommend. I use the Rode Wireless Go System if I am the only one that needs a mic. (set up shown in image) If you have two or more people who need to be mic’d then the new, Rode Wireless Go II is a great option. (you will need this wire if you are using your phone) It’s a great, easy to use microphone system that can be used on your phone or with professional gear.

Creating content doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Being consistent will actually make the job easier over time. Now that you have your messaging down, it’s time to up your production level. All of these items are easy to fold into your daily process and will ultimate make like a bit easier. Most of all, have fun and share your knowledge with others.

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