3 Recommended Times To Have A Brand Photo Shoot For Your Business

As a brand photographer for over 12 years I have heard a lot of reasons for why the timing might not be right for a brand photo shoot. I’m here today to break down three recommended times to have a brand photo shoot for your creative business that will maximize your time and investment. Get ready to book your brand photographer after reading this post.

Website Re-Brand Of Your Business

pilates re-brand website

I’m kicking this post off with the most obvious one which is having a brand photo shoot to support your website re-brand. A fresh batch of branding images to match the new and improved website is a very popular reason for a session. Out with the old, in with the new! While you are working with your web designer on colors, fonts, copy and ideal customer questionnaires, it’s time to start the brand photography process and book a session. The images do not have to be captured after the website has been designed, in fact many of my clients have had sessions before they had received the first draft of their web design.

Client Example. I captured branding images for MVMT with Cailin Pilates YouTube Channel. We captured core content for her to re-brand her supporting website and channel thumbnails. Check out this video to learn more about this session and read my recent blog post.

Busy Season For Your Business

Workshop brand photo shoot

Many business owners may shy away from booking a session during their busy time as they are maxed out with all the other business demands, but it actually might be a perfect time to have a photo shoot. While business owners are buzzing around their shop, studio, workspace or office, I’m capturing them in their natural environment doing what they do best. All their tools of the trade (props), team members, and final products are in the space ready for their moment. You can really capture authentic images for a brand during this type of session.

When working with my clients we always have a strategy meeting to dive deep into what they offer, future promotion/launches and image needs. The planning and organizing of their future photo shoot begins during this process. The business owner can worry about the business and I can create their plan and guide them during photo shoot day. It is this attention to detail that allows me, as their photographer, to capture images they need efficiently so they are not spending their entire day in a photo shoot.

Client Example. I captured branding images of a wedding florist’s, Jenni of Barn Door Blooms, while she was designing a bridal bouquet a for an actual bride. Click below to see a behind the scenes of this brand photography session.

Slow Season For Your Business

Brand Photo Shoot for Barn Door Blooms Creative Business

The slow season means that a creative business owner will have more time to dedicate to a brand photo shoot. However, they may not have actual client projects for me to capture their process and products. This provides a unique opportunity for a business owner to stylize a mock client. Maybe their dream client can be developed and we can capture images to attract those future customers/clients.

Capture Your Creative Process

Your time and investment in a brand photo shoot should be maximized. It is the job of your brand photographer to design a photo shoot with intention. Content that is engaging to your audience, generates business and builds your brand awareness is key no matter what scenario your business is in from the above list. I hope you found this post helpful as you navigate your need for brand photography in your growing businesses. Grab this free download: The Brand Your Business Image Checklist to help you plan your next brand session!

Brand Photo Shoot Image Check List

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