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Revamping Your Online Presence: Stunning Brand Photography and a Website Makeover for Nob Hill Jane Calligraphy Studio

Case Study: Nob Hill Jane Calligraphy Studio, a calligraphy, signage and engraving studio in Cheshire, Connecticut.

Nob Hill Jane

Erin of nob hill jane calligraphy studio portrait

In the town of Cheshire, CT resides the calligraphy, signage and engraving studio of Nob Hill Jane. Erin, owner of this boutique studio, was immediately drawn to the unique artistry behind calligraphy and her work is a true reflection of the joy she finds in creating each custom piece. She goes way beyond creating a stunning envelope for a wedding or event. Her custom signage work and engraved pieces set her apart. It was a true joy working with Erin on her brand photography and her newly launched website matches her stunning work.

Contact Nob Hill Jane:Email Erin at:
Or head over to the contact page via her website:

Brand Photography Needs

After a few years in business it was time for a complete website overhaul, including new brand photography. That’s where Nicole Bedard Photo + Video came into the project. The website development team, Socially Savvy Studio, was in place and Erin and I set up a call to discuss her visual branding needs.

The scope of work

The scope of work for the Nob Hill Jane branding session was to capture environmental portraits in her studio space, as well as capture detail and process images for her signage, calligraphy and engraving work. Additionally, an oversized flat lay image of her offerings was also needed.

The process

Erin and I first spoke on the phone to discuss her brand photography needs and the purpose of the new brand images. It’s important for me to know how the images were going to be used so I can capture the correct image orientation, for example, horizontal images are best for website banner images. After securing a photo shoot date, we also planned a strategy meeting call. This strategy meeting was held over zoom and happened a few weeks prior to the photo shoot date. Prior to this call I researched her current website and social media to gain a better understanding of her current business in an effort to identify potential gaps in her visual branding. I developed concept boards, as seen below, to communicate the direction of the brand photo shoot. This is a collaborative process, so once I presented these concept board during the zoom strategy meeting, we could discuss what she liked and if we needed more images for different categories.

personal brand concept boards for photo shoot_nicole bedard

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Brand Photography Solutions

After crafting the concept boards, shoot list, and prop list for the upcoming brand photography session we had a custom photo shoot plan to meet her visual branding needs. The business needed more images of who is behind the brand and what she provides her customers. Our goal was to capture Environmental portraits, process, product details and a flat lay images. The brand photo shoot took place at her home studio and her newly renovated kitchen provided an amazing space for process and flat lay images. To stand out in her industry I wanted to create a unique image to represent her signage work. For this image I brought along a piece of plexiglass and clipped it to two light stands. Erin stood on one side while I carefully shot through the plexiglass to craft the unique shot. We had so much fun creating all the images for her new website and look forward to another session.

It’s all in the details

After capturing updated portraits in her studio, it was time to get into her process of calligraphy, signage and engraving. The last portion of the shoot was spent carefully placing each piece of the flat lay together. I could have captured images of her work all day!

Calligrapher_EnvironmentalPortraits_nicole bedard
Calligraphy studio and sinage_nicole bedard
calligrapher detail branding image_nicole bedard
calligrapher process images for branding_nicole bedard
calligrapher flatlay of work_nicole bedard
calligrapher flat lay details_nicole bedard

Impactful Results of Brand Photography

The fresh branding images representing Nob Hill Jane Studio were ready for the website and social media posts. Erin now had a consistent and professional look and feel to her already amazing business. The newly launched site told her story and showcased her offerings in a visually impactful way. Visitors to the site could learn more about Erin and navigate her offerings with ease.

Environmental portraits were used for the About section of the website, while the process and flat lay images were used throughout the pages as horizontal banner images and smaller vertical images to guide the visitor through her services, as seen below. See more images from her brand photography session: Nob Hill Jane.

website landing page before after
Portfolio landing page before and after
rental page and portfolio details after

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