The Power of Building creative partnership with Jenni of barn door blooms

The Power of Building Creative Partnerships with Jenni of Barn Door Blooms

Capturing Growth

Brand Photography, Videography, and The Power of Building Creative Partnerships with Jenni of Barn Door Blooms

In the middle of a brisk New England winter, I met someone who transformed me and my brand photography business forever.

It all started unexpectedly on a frosty day in 2019.  I was photographing at a beloved local café and organic food market for an upcoming magazine piece. 

I was so excited to feature the couple who owned this landmark spot in an upcoming Spring editorial feature and shine a light on their coffees, pastries, and organic vegetables. It was going to be such a stand-out article for their business, but it was missing one thing.

A pop of Spring. 

Heirloom Market Magazine by Nicole Bedard Photo Video

Enter Jenni

This is where Jenni came in to save this future Spring editorial feature.

Events and classes were something the café business was building up and, as luck would have it, they had already booked Jenni to host a floral arrangement class in February, when all New Englanders crave a floral pick me up. 

Jenni brought the burst of life and color I desperately needed to round out the magazine article, and it was during that workshop that I experienced and captured Jenni‘s enthusiasm around all things blooms for the first time.

2019 floral event for magazine shoot by Nicole Bedard Photo + Video

Deeper Connections

I soon realized that Jenni was more than just a part of that day’s shoot. 

She was a fellow creative business owner (and boy mom!) whose vision matched mine. 
By April, we met for coffee to discuss a project for Jenni’s business. She needed a postcard designed for her marketing materials, and I was all in. At the time, she was busy balancing floral workshops and pop-up events, so I was happy to assist and lighten the load of her small business responsibilities.

Postcard Project with Barn Door Blooms

That one chance encounter in the coffee shop led to multiple annual brand video and photo shoots together.

I’ve captured Jenni in all her glory—at her barn, in her gardens, during various wedding installations, wreath workshops, and even in a local vendor’s dahlia field.

Brand Photo Shoots Barn Door Blooms_Nicole Bedard Photo Video
Brand Photo Shoots B Barn Door Blooms_Nicole Bedard Photo Video

These projects have enhanced Jenni’s blooming business through compelling brand imagery and allowed me to capture invaluable behind-the-scenes content of my brand photography and videography approach for you– my community of creative entrepreneurs.

Working with Jenni has allowed me to produce some of my best behind-the-scenes content, highlighting my techniques, approach, and style as a brand photographer.

I’ve been able to pull back the curtain on what on-location shoots are like while teaching fellow creative entrepreneurs about the most important images to capture during a brand shoot.

Our partnership over the years has truly been a win-win for us both!

In this blog, I’m thrilled to spotlight Jenni as my client, muse, and most importantly, my friend.

Meet Jenni of Barn Door Blooms

Jenni brings over twenty years of event planning experience to her Connectcut-based business, Barn Door Blooms, a floral design studio specializing in elegant wedding florals. She prioritizes personal, curated looks, featuring seasonal, ‘farm to vase’ New England blossoms.

Jenni of Barn Door Blooms_by Nicole Bedard Photography

Her brand offers floral design and installation services ranging from floral workshops to a la carte floral arrangements to comprehensive, full-service wedding experiences that allow her clients to bask in their celebrations without lifting a finger – except to flaunt their ring!

Wedding floral install day for barn door blooms by Nicole Bedard photo video

Jenni is deeply committed to her local Connecticut community. She not only hosts various workshops and pop-ups but also takes pride in her close collaboration with local flower farms. These partnerships ensure her clients receive unique, in-season blooms while fostering mutual support between Barn Door Blooms and the farms.

Jenni in flower field_Barn Door Blooms_Nicole Bedard Photo Video

Barn Door Blooms Brand Imagery

I have worked with Jenni regularly over the years to help her capture strong, timeless brand imagery. We’ve produces highlight videos, seasonal promotions, and website content.

Videos made for or about Barn Door Blooms by Nicole Bedard Photo Video

You can peek behind-the-scenes of one of our photo sessions here (and notice there is always some form of extreme weather with our shoots!) During this particular session (during a snowstorm), we captured imagery for her upcoming wreath-making workshop –an event I look forward to and attend every winter!

Wreath making Jenni of Barn Door Blooms_by Nicole Bedard Photography

Whether focusing on her artistic process, the end products she makes, the wedding experiences she creates, or her unique local workshops, each image is crafted with intention, cohesively spotlighting the different facets of her brand. 

Creative businesses like Jenni’s are truly unique. 

As a wedding floral designer, Jenni creates a final product or experience for her clients and also provides distinct services throughout her one-of-a-kind process. 

Floral designers like Jenni require a diverse range of imagery – both product photography and service-based photos – to showcase the breadth of their work and the intricacies of their craft.

Product and Service_Barn Door Blooms_Nicole Bedard Photo Video

For that reason, we’ve dedicated our shoots to product photography, process imagery, and even videography (this drone session was so fun) to highlight the local farms she sources from, her bespoke design process, and even her day-of-event setup! 

The Talent Behind The Brand

Beyond the floral magic she creates, capturing Jenni’s persona—the face and talent behind the brand—has always been paramount. Through environmental portraits, we’ve leveraged brand imagery to highlight Jenni, her personality, unique approach, and expertise. 

Jenni in the barn_Barn Door Blooms_Nicole Bedard Photo Video
Watch Jenni’s latest marketing video here

These sessions aim to tell a transparent story, giving potential clients an authentic glimpse into the meticulous effort and passion Jenni invests in each event. 

From selecting the freshest blooms at local farms to crafting them into artistic arrangements on-site, these details not only exhibit her expertise but also foster trust with clients who value a personal touch on their special day.

Jenni at a install_Barn Door Blooms_Nicole Bedard Photo Video

Beyond Business

What began as a professional partnership has blossomed into a treasured friendship. Our regular coffee dates now span discussions from business strategies to balancing our work and personal lives as mothers. 

Images of Jenni and I after each shoot _nicole Bedard photo video

Witnessing Jenni’s dedication has not only been inspiring but also a constant reminder of the power of nurturing relationships as both creatives and entrepreneurs. 

Through my camera lens, I’ve witnessed Jenni’s business bloom firsthand, capturing each milestone and celebration. 

In fact, a year after we first collaborated, Jenni was featured in that very same magazine—a testament to her growth. It was a full circle moment, with me photographing her editorial imagery and celebrating her well-deserved recognition.

Barn Door Blooms Magazine Feature_Nicole Bedard Photo Video
Watch a behind the scenes video of the making of Jenni’s magazine feature here.

The Power of Partnerships

To fellow creative business owners, remember: great partnerships aren’t just about swapping business cards or invoices. They are about mutual growth, shared visions, and the joy of creating something beautiful side-by-side. 

They’re about growing together, dreaming together, and sometimes, just sharing a cup of coffee together. 

Cheers to creating magic, making memories, and more epic brand photoshoots with Jenni – and to every entrepreneur out there elevating our creative community.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I hope it inspires you to find and nurture these partnerships in your own creative business!

Connect With Jenni of Barn Door Blooms

If you’re interested in learning more about the incredible work Jenni and her team at Barn Door Blooms do as floral designers, be sure to visit her website, follow her on social media, and check out her upcoming events! 

If you’re local to the New England area, I might even see you at one of her upcoming workshops!





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