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February brought me to Lorton, VA and CrossFit Liberation to cover their first throwdown event.  The box has only been open for two months and the owners wanted to bring everyone together for a fun event.  The eight athletes who participated put everything on the line.  Many of them are new to CrossFit and they definitely captured the spirit.  The event displayed some fun movements like sledge hammer strikes, tire flips and burpee box jumps.  Since the owner was formerly a member of the U.S. Army Special Forces, the run portion was given a unique spin by using rucksacks vs the usual sand bags.  All of the competitors did a great job and are looking forward to the next event.  As you can tell it was fun to photograph too.  Below are a few of my favorite images from the event.  Some of these images have also been popular with some other crossfit outlets as they have been published on their respective sites.

This image was also published on CrossFit Headquater’s Facebook page

This image was published on the Rokfit Company Facebook page

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  1. Ryan PCF says:

    LOVE how you included the picture shared on another site and the real thing. Also a big fan of the placement of the watermark 🙂