The Definition of Strength

Two weeks ago, I spent my Sunday documenting the many athletic feats of Noah, a coach at District CrossFit, located in Washington, DC.  Noah recently left the world of finance to start a career that truly made him happy, coaching CrossFit.  When Noah found CrossFit, he knew that it was exactly what he was looking for.  After his track and field days ended at William and Mary, CrossFit became natural fit considering the amount of strength and gymnastic ability it requires.

It was an aggressive shooting schedule and we capture a lot.  We documented 6 movements over the course of 3 hours and Noah definitely fulfilled his volume training for the day.  I’m always searching for unique angles or perspectives and if a ladder is not available, I improvise.  In this case the space had 30″ high boxes, so in order to try something unique I made a pyramid of three boxes.  I really wish a had a behind the scene shot of me standing 5 feet up without support, but I wanted to get safely on the ground as quickly as possible, while making sure I got the shot. Next time!

Here are a few images from the shoot!

One of the moves was a box jump.  This is when a person takes one step and jumps, lands on the top of the plates and stands.  Noah has a HUGE jump.  As you can see he was going for 56″, though he has jumped higher.  This was perfect for the shoot.

Here are the results!

Noah was a long jumper in college, so the broad jump movement in CrossFit works well.  Again his jump is big… around 10 feet.  This movement made for some fun photographs.

Here you see me moving the 30″ box around the space!  I was prepping for the back lever image.  One of my favorite from the day.  Somehow, Noah made this movement look easy.

And finally here is the image that had me 5 feet up on boxes.  Noah is about to front squat 315 lbs.  Way to go Noah!!!

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