CrossFit Games Open Workout 12.2 Coverage

The second CrossFit Games Open workout is complete and over the weekend I traveled to two great boxes.  The first stop was CrossFit New Haven where  40+ athletes came out and gave it their all during this highly technical workout.  The workout consisted of one movement, the olympic snatch. The goal is to move the weight in one fluid motion from the floor to the overhead position.  Here was the breakdown:  Athletes had to complete as many reps as possible in 10 minutes. 30 Snatch (M 75 / F 45 lbs); 30 Snatch (M 135 / F 75 lbs); 30 Snatch (M 165 / F 100 lbs); Max Rep Snatch (M 210 / F 120 lbs)

My second stop was at the newly opened Reebok CrossFit Back Bay.  The coaches moved through the workout at an impressive pace and put up some great numbers.  Thank you to both boxes for letting me photograph the event!  I look forward to future visits.


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