Creative Ideas for Photographing Your Kids in the Snow

New England has seen record snowfall this winter and it’s not over yet.  Growing up in Massachusetts I have seen many winters and this year may top the list has being the harshest.  So now that I have a little one of my own, who loves being outside, it has forced me to be creative with my winter photography.  I wanted to share some tips or inspiration for photographing your little one in the snow.  It also important to note that the first three images were shot on my iPhone6, so pro equipment is not always mandatory.  Topics covered in this post: Perspective, Creating a Moment, Capturing Firsts

Things to think about:

1. Perspective- If you always shoot from the same point, i.e. standing and pointing the camera down at your kids, then squat down or shoot from a different angle.  In this first image I love the hat detail and the texture of the grass and snow from the overhead perspective.  The subject is also in-action, which adds to the image as well.


Again, the subject is in-action and at this lower perspective the large piles of snow provide context to the current winter we are experiencing.  The image is also shot during evening light, i.e. golden hour, which adds another layer of interest.


2. Creating the Moment-  During many winter walks around the neighborhood I always noticed our shadows and made sure I captured this moment to remember this winter for years to come.


How cute!  Build a snowman and see how your little one reacts.  Another scenario created, but the reaction was spontaneous.


3. Capturing Firsts- This could also apply to the snowman image, as it was the first snowman for the little guy.  The below image is capturing the first time touching snow.  So cute and only happens once!


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