NBP Photography Workshop: Texture

Welcome to the first NBP Workshop post!  I am often asked about photography techniques as well as gear and many questions come from parents trying to capture a great shot of their little one.  To address this need, the NBP Workshop was created and topics will be basic concepts and ideas to enhance your photography.  All of the images in this post were taken with professional gear, but the topic discussed today can be utilized with any level of gear and/or cell phone cameras.

There are many reasons why an image is a “keeper” or not.  As a professional photographer I am constantly thinking about ways to make a photograph interesting and modern.  One of my favorite elements that I always try to add to an image is texture.  Texture brings depth to an image and makes it more interesting and less flat.  Consider the following newborn image.  As soon as I saw the pink changing pad in the nursery, I knew I was going to use it in a shot.  The texture of the cover creates a great backdrop to the already cute baby girl.


In this image the exterior of the building provided the texture.  Since the stones were washed out it made a perfect black and white image.  Now the shadows and detail really pop.


Again, a blanket is being used for a textural element.  It’s a little more subtle to me, but I liked the look and feel it gives the image.


Clothing is a great way to add texture and this homemade hat was perfect for the shot.  Isolating the hat in this way highlighted the importance of this personalized item, plus added the textural interest.


Did you find this information helpful? Are there other topics you would love to learn about for the next NBP Workshop?  If so, let me know!  I would love to hear from you. (nicole@nbphotog.com)

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