A Brand Photographer’s Gear Bag Series 1: Small Gear Kit

As a photographer, you are always adjusting your gear kit for each photo shoot that you have. We tend to want to bring as much gear as we possibly can because there are always challenges that may occur unexpectedly and we need to have the right gear to address them. There are times where all you need are your favorite lenses, camera and a speed light. This is what I refer to as my Small or On-the Go Gear Kit. Streamlined, to the point, prepared for everything type of kit.

highlight the gear that goes into a small kit for brand photography

When Would You Use
a Small Kit:

  • On the move, on-location assignment.
  • Capturing an event for the brand that you are working for. (For example, a college campus student life branding, Pop-up event, In-store event, remote location.
  • You will most likely be walking around capturing authentic moments of the brand clients interacting with the brands service and/or products.
  • Where the backpack will be key so you can switch out your lenses when needed
  • Depending on the event a more streamline bag is needed, like the green backpack shown in the picture.

In this video I highlight all the gear I utilize; provide examples of brand work for each lens and dive into three different options for bags to pack your gear in, depending on the type of shoot. Series 2 & 3 will add to this foundational kit and jump into my mobile lighting solutions.

Question? Leave a comment below, I’m happy to help.

Brand Photo Shoot Examples Utilizing a Small Gear Kit

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