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My new Nicole Bedard Photography YouTube channel is designed for the budding brand photographer and/or small business owner who tackles its own photography needs. In today’s age of social media the constant need of fresh content can be stressful and almost unattainable due to the amount of time it takes to get it right. By right I mean, professional looking, consistent, engaging and ultimately bringing in sales.

Luckily there are a few options for businesses to address this non-stop marketing demand.

Hiring a brand photographer helps a business create a consistent professional look and saves them time by providing a bulk amount of styled stock images for a business to use throughout the year. A business owner can focus on the business instead of draining their valuable time searching for an image to speak to their audience on social media.
A D.I.Y Approach for many small business owners is the only financially feasible option for capturing images for their brand. They either have a professional grade camera and enjoy capturing their own content, or they are working with a phone camera and capturing what they can to fill their need.
A 50/50 method is where a business can hire a professional brand photographer for cornerstone images, which can consist of lifestyle portraits, headshots, portraits of the team and main products. These will be used for print marketing, packaging, media request and website. In this scenerio supplemental images to fill in the content gaps would be captured by the business.

Whichever camp you are in I wanted a place for you to learn how to serve your own brand or a branding client in the best way possible. A space where I combine gear talk, photography logistics and real world photo shoots for someone to learn tactical information. One can learn a new technique to try when they are on a photo shoot or trying to capture their own products images and/or team lifestyle images.

What you will find on the channel at the writing of this post are videos for the “What’s in my brand photography gear bag series”, this series will highlight gear that I am currently using for brand sessions, show resulting images and discuss real world photo shoot scenarios. Other videos you will find are how-to photography topics, and specific branding industries, like food and product photography.

Looking for something specific? I’m always open for suggestions. Leave a comment or email me at Nicole@nbphotog.com

What’s In My Brand Photography Gear Bag Series

Series 3: Large Gear Kit is Upcoming! Stay tuned

Additional Tactical Photography Tips & Tutorials

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