Finding Brand Photography Inspiration As A Brand Photographer

As brand photographers, we have types of images that are commonly found on our shoot list, no matter the industry. They serve a specific and powerful purpose. These images are Environmental/Lifestyle Portraits (great for the Why or Introduction style posts) and Behind the Scenes of the client doing what they do for their customers (great for product sneak peek before launch, how they are different). I wanted to curate images for you, not only industry and product/service based, but also based on these two commonly taken images. They perform well on social media platforms, increase their engagement rates, inject their personality and highlight their unique edge.

If you have started offering Brand Photography as part of your photography services or are exclusively a brand photographer like myself, then you know we balance many jobs within our business. You are not only running a photography business with estimates, invoices, billing, camera gear and software upkeep, but you are now a student of many industries, sometimes both product and service based businesses. We are constantly researching and sourcing imagery to create mood boards, gain photo shoot inspiration and to ensure we are meeting the brand’s visual expectations. (see below for how-to guide for making a digital mood board in Canva) For this reason, I wanted to share some branding inspiration for both product and service based businesses. I scoured Instagram and Pinterest to source current images to spark inspiration. The below images represent industries one may commonly see in their brand photography business. Product Based Industries: Creatives, Food/Beverage and Manufacturing. Service Based Industries: Salon/Spa, Real Estate and Coaching

Need More Inspiring Images For Your Next Brand Photo Shoot?

I have designed a uniquely organized Pinterest page for Brand Photography inspiration. With over 3000 pins I have specific boards for Personal Branding, Environmental Portraits, Fitness, Real Estate, Creative Studios, Product Packaging and Salons and Spas. Check it out and get more inspiration: Nicole Bedard Photography Pinterest Page

How To Make A Digital Mood Board For Your Next Brand Photo Shoot

Now that you have sourced some amazing images for your clients, it’s time to design a digital mood board. The brainstorm and mood boards are also sharable to your client and each other’s comments and changes are noted clearly. I simply snag some screen prints of images I have gathered, create a new album in Canva and design away!

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  1. Hasibur Joy says:

    Branding is important because not only is it what makes a memorable impression on consumers but it allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company. It is a way of distinguishing yourself from the competitors and clarifying what it is you offer that makes you the better choice.