3 Images To Capture In Every Personal Brand Session

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A few weeks ago I filmed a personal brand session for a local small business. I walked through my set-ups, gear, images and how the brand could utilize them. It was an amazing experience and I was so lucky to have another photographer with me to capture additional video and some behind the scenes images. It was truly a team effort.

The goal in creating this video is to highlight 3 Image to Capture In Every Personal Brand Session. These three types of images can apply to any business, product or service based. I brought along my small gear kit which consisted of a Canon 5D Mark iv, Canon 35 mm f1.4L II lens, Canon 70-200 f2.8L IS II and Canon 24 -70 f2.8L II. The entire shoot ended up being captured with just my 35mm so this provides some great examples of the range of this lens. Other gear with me was my ladder, for overhead images, and my Westcott 6-1 reflector kit. The photo shoot was outdoor during the mid-day and the reflectors came into play with bouncing light back onto the clients face while in the garden.

Here’s the breakdown of the three images, the video provided will walk you through the Live Photo shoot as though you were my second shooter or friend along to check out a photo shoot.

Lifestyle Environmental Portrait

This type of image has a lot of power. According to Socialpilot, Instagram posts that include faces has 38% higher “like” potential. I would also add the if the face is of the business owner that percentage is higher. I have seen this on my on Instagram feed.

Behind the Scenes

An audience always loves to see how things work behind “closed doors” it’s also a chance for a business to highlight what makes them unique.

Action/Process Image

People want to see what it’s like to work with you or how you create your products and/or provide your services. It’s more than just behind the scenes. Think of it as details + BTS.

Free Download!

Sometimes having a print out of prompts is helpful. So here is a free download of the points found in this blog post. Now you can take your branding images to the next level and build your community and business in the process. Click below:

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