How to Expand Your Brand Photography Services (and Profits) with Video

Are you a professional brand photographer watching video opportunities slip through your fingers every time a client asks,

“Do you offer video services too?”

If this question makes your heart sink, you’re not alone. Many photographers find themselves at a crossroads, recognizing the growing demand for video but feeling unprepared to meet it.

The good news? 

You don’t need to be a seasoned videographer or own expensive gear to start offering video services. In fact, you’re closer than you think to adding this profitable skill to your toolbox.

In this blog post, I’ll reveal three simple yet powerful tips to seamlessly integrate video into your brand photography services

Whether you’re a seasoned photography pro with a roster of loyal clients or a newly minted entrepreneur looking to make your mark on the visual branding world, you’ll learn how to strategically add profitable video services to your existing offers and confidently serve your ideal clients with both photos and videos.

#1 Be Your Own Video Client First

You might be wondering, 

“Where do I start with video if I don’t have any clients or video inquiries yet?” 

It’s a classic catch-22. You need a portfolio to attract video clients, but you need video clients to build a portfolio. 

It’s enough to make your head spin faster than a timelapse of the night sky!

Add to that the common fears that might also be holding you back:

“What if I mess up a client’s video and ruin their shoot experience?”

“I don’t have the fancy equipment. Can I really produce professional-quality videos?”

Video editing seems so complicated. What if I can’t deliver?”

But here’s the truth: You don’t need to let these fears paralyze you, and you definitely don’t need to wait for that elusive first video client to magically appear. 

The answer is simpler than you think: start with yourself. 

The most effective way to add video to your brand photography services is to become your own first client. By creating personalized video content for your brand, website, and social media, you’ll not only build your skills but also gain a deeper understanding of your clients’ needs and expectations when it comes to video.

Making video content for my business _ nicole Bedard photo video

Why Being Your Own Client is the Perfect Launchpad

Becoming your own first video client sets you up for success in more ways than one. Let’s explore why this approach is the perfect launchpad for your video services:

Low-Pressure Learning Curve

You can develop your video skills without the anxiety of a paying client watching your every move. No more fumbling with equipment or nervously hoping they don’t notice you’re still figuring things out. You can take your time to learn, make mistakes, and hone your craft in the comfort of your own space. (Bonus: You can freely experiment without worrying about “faking it till you make it” in front of a client!)

Portfolio Builder

You’re free to experiment, retry shots, and improve your editing until your work screams “professional videographer.” By the time you’re done, you’ll have a collection of eye-catching samples that’ll leave prospects figuratively lining up around the block. 

Boost Your Empathy 

Experience the video creation process from the other side of the lens. You’ll gain invaluable insights into the hopes, fears, and challenges your future clients might face. This will help you anticipate client needs, address concerns before they arise, and create a smoother, more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. (Plus, you’ll develop a whole new appreciation for the bravery it takes to step in front of a camera.)

Develop Confidence

Master your skills before you offer them to paying customers. Test different video packages and pricing structures using your own brand as a case study. You’ll know exactly what works and what doesn’t before offering it to clients. When clients ask, “Can you do this?”, you’ll confidently say, “Absolutely!” because you’ve already done it for yourself and have a tried-and-trusted process in place to make it happen!

By embracing the role of your own first video client, you’re not just learning new skills – you’re building a foundation for a thriving video service all while improving your own visual branding and visibility.

2020 video on-location live_ Nicole Bedard photo video
Back in 2020 when I went live from an on-location Brand Photography Shoot. I later repacked the video clips and created a more comprehensive video for my YouTube channel.

Where to Begin

By creating videos for your own brand, you can build your skills, confidence, and portfolio without the pressure of client expectations. It’s like having a risk-free sandbox to play in, where every “mistake” is just a learning opportunity, and every success becomes a portfolio piece.

So, where do you begin?

Let’s explore some practical projects you can start working on right away that will help you build your video skills while enhancing your own brand in the process:

Website Banner Videos

Transform your static header into a dynamic showcase. Create a short, looped video that captures the essence of your brand. This project will help you practice composition, timing, and creating visually compelling sequences.

Pro Tip: Check out this YouTube Video where I show you exactly how to do this in Final Cut Pro.

Social Media Snippets

Gain experience with high-demand short-form video content for platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or LinkedIn. 

Experiment with different styles:

  • Behind-the-scenes glimpses of your photography process
  • Quick photography tips and tricks
  • Time-lapse videos of photo editing
  • Day-in-the-life content showcasing your work routine

These bite-sized videos will help you master pacing, storytelling, and platform-specific best practices.

Brand Story Video

Craft a compelling narrative about your brand photography journey and business. This project will sharpen your scriptwriting, voice-over, and editing skills while helping you articulate your unique value proposition. Take a look at my own brand video I created for my website.

Photography Tutorial Series

Share your expertise through instructional how-to videos. This will not only position you as an authority but also help you practice:

  • On-camera presentation skills
  • Explaining complex concepts clearly
  • Structuring longer-form content
  • Basic animation for visual aids
on location making a how to video for a client_ Nicole Bedard photo video
By creating how to videos for myself and photography gear, I was better prepared for when my wreath making workshop client called and we created a tutorial wreath making video together.

Client Testimonial-Style Video

Interview a friend or family member (or even a past client if you feel comfortable) about your photography services, mimicking a client testimonial. This exercise will help you practice interview techniques, lighting setups for multiple subjects, and weaving together narrative and B-roll footage.

behind the scenes of a video interview shoot_ creative Business owner _ Nicole Bedard photo video

Photography Portfolio Reel

Dip your toe into video while staying in your comfort zone by creating a dynamic showcase of your best photography work set to music. 

This project will help you develop skills in:

  • Selecting and sequencing images for high-impact
  • Cohesively syncing visuals with audio
  • Creating smooth transitions between still images

By treating yourself as your first video client, you’ll gain hands-on experience, build a killer portfolio, and develop a deep understanding of what your ideal clients really need when it comes to video content.

Remember, the goal here isn’t perfection – it’s progress. 

Each project is an opportunity to learn, experiment, and grow your skills. Embrace the process, and before you know it, you’ll have transformed from a photographer who’s nervous about video into a confident photo and video content creator!

Upgrade Your Equipment

Now that you have a vision for your brand video projects, let’s ensure you’re equipped for success. Don’t worry – you won’t need to break the bank!

In fact, I am a firm believer that you can start offering high-quality brand video services without investing in expensive equipment. However, video does demand more from your gear in terms of things like storage and memory. 

Here are the key considerations when adding video to your brand photography business:

  • Storage: Invest in high-capacity external hard drives (10-16 TB) to handle those hefty video files.
  • Memory Cards: Opt for larger cards (512GB or higher) to capture more footage without constant swapping.
  • Workflow: Develop a consistent process for downloading, organizing, and backing up your video files (I usually do this when I get home, immediately after a shoot).
  • Editing Software: Choose and master a program like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro (my go-to), or DaVinci Resolve.

Pro Tip: Start with video-only content like website banners and social media clips to ease into video services without the pressure of audio production.  This takes the pressure of audio out of the equation as you build your video skills. For more video ideas that don’t require audio, download my free “No Audio Video Ideas” PDF here. 

Gradually Weave in Video Services

As you build confidence in your video skills, it’s time to consider how to integrate these services into your existing brand photography business. 

The key is to start small and gradually expand your offerings. This approach allows you to refine your skills, build client trust, and blend video into your current services without overwhelming yourself or your clients.

Here’s how to strategically introduce video services:

Pitch Simple Video Packages

Begin with basic services like website banner videos or social media clips. These are great because they don’t require any complicated tech, lighting, or audio and can have a big impact on your client’s business right away. 

Leverage Existing Shoots

You don’t have to have a big pivot in your business to become a brand videographer. Add a short video component at the end of photo shoots to provide additional value

Often this can be as simple as an extra 30 minutes tacked on at the end of a session! 

Plus, believe it or not, most professional videographers aren’t booking to take on these kinds of small video projects. It works to your advantage and your clients’ to make it a cohesive all-in-one session. 

Collaborate with Clients

Engage with your clients to understand their video needs and preferences. Strategizing ahead of time is key. Just like you need to have a plan for each image you capture for a brand photo shoot, you need to know why they need the videos and how they plan to use them in their business beforehand.

Showcase Your Progress

Use your own brand’s video content to demonstrate your growing capabilities to potential clients. Feature your updated website banner and inspire your audience to see what’s possible! Let them know the strategy behind that vertical Instagram story you shot and how they can use similar video content in their own branding. 

By following this gradual approach, you’ll naturally evolve your brand photography business to include video services. You’ll build on your existing strengths while offering clients added value that sets you apart. 

Keep in mind that the goal is to enhance your current offerings, not to completely reinvent your business overnight. With each small step, you’ll be positioning yourself as a comprehensive visual branding expert, capable of meeting all your clients’ photo and video needs.

Ready to Expand Your Business with Video?

Nicole Bedard photo video

So you take my advice and start developing your video skills as your own first client. 

Now what?

You’ve filmed your photography process. You’ve edited a reel or two.  And you’re thinking, “Okay, this video thing might actually work for my business.”

But, there’s a gap between filming a quick behind-the-scenes Instagram story and delivering polished brand videos that your clients will happily pay premium prices for.

How do you cross that gap without:

a) Drowning in tech overwhelm?

b) Pricing out your ideal clients?

c) Delivering amateur-hour content that makes you cringe?

Enter: “How To Integrate Video Services Into Your Brand Photography Business in 30 Days (Without Buying New Gear) Masterclass!”

It’s the expert-created roadmap for brand photographers who want to add lucrative video services – without the guesswork, gear investment, or “fake it till you make it” stress.

In just 30 days, you’ll go from “Um, I think I can do video?” to “Oh yeah, I’ve got two irresistible video packages ready to go!”

Here’s what you’re getting:

  • 2 high-converting video packages your branding clients will be tripping over themselves to book
  • Expert guidance to help you create pro-level videos using what you already own
  • A tried-and-true system for marketing your video offers on social media

No fluff. No filler. Just the exact steps to add $$$ to your bottom line with in-demand video services.

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Your future (and current) clients are waiting for those videos. Let’s not keep them waiting any longer!

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